domingo, 3 de outubro de 2010

Pettalom - Berenice

Ai pessoal ai está mais uma banda que retira inspiração nos poemas do Poe.

Bela música não??

Sobre a banda:
Pettalom é uma banda brasileira de Gothic Metal/metal sinfônico formada em 1995 na cidade paulista de Tatuí. Em suas letras, a banda expressa melancolia, tristeza e sofrimento em métaforas poéticas e simbolistas. (wikipedia rs)

Pettalom - Berenice

Nights and nights I lose my reason
Oh, my bride... who am I in these
Nightmares of a dream land burning?
Oh, her teeth... her teeth are
Brightness of insane reasons
Haunted... Flying by the
Gold of walls in black wings
Silent wings
I scream your name
Oh, cypress night, sweet child
Dying ivory smile
You shade the winter... oh-oh
Oh, Silfide on that fountains
Oh, N¡iade!
In the bushes of Arnheim
Steps cross the mist
Keep away this mourning from me
Where the sun is dead and cold
In cold night her heart still is beating
On this grave
You can't fell my pain
Dying alone
Race of visionary! The blood of them run
Throught our veins
Blood of dreams of disquiet minds!
We... grown so much different
Disease destroy her smile
But her teeth shine like ideas!
Now the silent in black wings
Reveal the horror, oh sad queen
The grave's doors are violated
A lapse of reason, blood on me
Higher night, the moon so mad
In despair sweating so sad
Her teeth was ideas
Are on the floor with my sanity
With my sanity... Oh, Berenice... forgive me!!!


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Aмbзr Ѽ disse...

nao conhecia... mas vou ver o que acho deles. :P

Anônimo disse...

Olá! Parabéns pelo blog, perfect *-*
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